Nokia 808 - camera phone commission

 September 2013

Back in November 2012 I was amongst a handful of photographers chosen by Nokia to produce images using their latest "super-camera" on the Nokia 808 PureView phone, released in the UK in mid-2013.

The camera boasts a powerful 41MP sensor and Zeiss optics, resulting in a slightly bulkier body than the majority of other brand mobiles today.  It was strange to have a lot more control and functionality on a phone camera using a touch-screen, but became fluid and intuitive fairly quickly.  It was also very satisfying to experiment with low-light exposures without using the in-built flash.  The end purpose for these images is as screensavers or wallpapers on future Nokia devices.

I took many images using the camera phone over a 3-week period, resulting in Nokia buying outright the five images here: