Laura Eldret performance at Camden Arts Centre - "A New Ceremony for Hampstead"

A New Ceremony for Hampstead - Laura Eldret

11 September 2011

"A New Ceremony For Hampstead is at once a genuine ceremony and an entertaining engagement with the history of Camden Arts Centre and the local area. As artist in residence at the Centre, Eldret has undertaken extensive research into the folk traditions of the area, resulting in a series of three new works, of which A New Ceremony For Hampstead is the final instalment. Eldret's ceremony will consist of a moving troupe of seven participants, who will journey through the gallery from the Artists' Studio on the first floor, down to the ground floor, through the garden, and back again to the studio. At the end of the procession, visitors will witness the ceremonial finale in front of a shrine created in the Studio space."

Courtesy Laura Eldret press release